Home is where the heart is?

Home is where the heart is? but the question is: is that a healthy heart or a heart on its way to fatty plaque-deposited state? The truth is: many of us develop very bad eating habits at home. This is the one place where we feel most comfortable in, and therefore we usually do not focus on what we eat or do, even if it is making our waistband sizes balloon constantly. The worst thing about this deal is that: kids pick up these bad eating habits from us and eventually end up overweight or obese as well. If you really want to successfully reduce you and your family?s weight without subscribing to these fad diets or diet pills, here are some tips on how to encourage healthy weight loss at home.

Start by being brave when it comes to food. The most common complaint that first time dieters give out is that they do not know how to prepare food ? much less, recognize these. Others are claiming that preparing food takes too much work, and that they usually have no time to do so. Needless to say, if you are starting off with this kind of attitude, then you will be in a rough patch indeed. Preparing food is really not that difficult or time consuming; but you would need to dedicate energy into it.

Think about it this way: you are burning off more calories just by boiling 2 cups of cracked wheat and slicing fresh apple toppings for breakfast; rather than simply popping open a box of sugar coated cereals and pouring milk all over it. At the same time, you are providing a very nutritious breakfast dish to your family without making them gain more unwanted pounds.

Besides, your outlook in food is what influences your kids? outlook too. If you constantly complain or moan over your healthy dishes, and then become overly excited over the unhealthy food stuff, then you are giving the impression that kids have detest good fod and they have to love unhealthy food instead.

To avoid any form of temptation, you may want to write down a very health food inclined grocery list. More importantly, you stick to that list when you do your weekly shopping. Keeping a cupboard full of sweets or a ref full of sugary beverages or even buying loads of microwaveable fatty snacks will not make your family?s waistline shrink. This is a sublime way of sending out a message to your kids that you are not seriously thinking about shedding pounds at all. Skip all the sugar loaded goodies and try to keep only fresh, non-processed food stuff on your grocery list.

Lead a more active lifestyle. Sure you want to lose about 5 to 6 inches off your waist, but how can you do that when you would rather sit in front of the TV watching soaps than going out for a walk. By simply moving more, you will notice that your energy level will be more heightened. You can try scheduling family activities like a trip to the beach, or just making a huge deal with a trip to the pound to get a pet. These simple activities will have your family up and running in no time.

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