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Breaking Down the Isagenix Diet

The Isagenix diet (or as it’s often referred to, the 30 day weight loss program), is an expertly developed diet that takes place over the course of 4 weeks. In this time, dieters will be expected to follow the guidelines laid out by the plans’ developers. These guidelines typically consist of enjoying the tasty supplements provided within the package, whilst utilising cleanse days to rapidly shift excess fat – and using shakes to provide nutrition, and act as meal replacements to revive.

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What does the Isagenix diet involve?

The program is broken up into daily activities that take place over the course of 30 days. In this time, dieters will be able to take part in roughly 5 shake days per week, and 2 days of cleansing.

What are Isagenix shake days?

When purchasing the Isagenix 30 day package, dieters will be provided with enough powder to make a month’s worth of shakes – and these shakes can be used to replace meals, as they contain a high level of vitamins and nourishment. The shakes are intended to be consumed twice per day, and thanks to the addition of vital minerals including phosphorus and potassium; they can provide the feeling of being full to reduce discomfort felt by the dieter.

To complement the two shakes a day, the individual taking part in the program will be permitted to consume one calorie controlled meal, typically for dinner, so the shakes are often consumed in the morning, and as a snack for lunch (or later in the evening, but not too close to bed).

And what about the Isagenix snacks?

There are a multitude of snacks available to dieters taking part in the plan – including specially formulated chocolate treats, bars, and nutritional products. Their purpose isn’t to be consumed often, but to be taken as a substitute for less healthy snacks.

How do Isagenix cleanse days work?

For every 2 days where shakes are consumed, 1 cleanse day is accumulated, and this is often the most challenging part of the diet for beginners in their first week. During the cleanse day, a low amount of calories can be consumed, and this will typically be achieved by eating less frequently. When food is consumed, it will often be in liquid form.

It’s during cleanse days that the most fat is burnt off – and when paired with exercise, the potential to lose weight can be even more substantial. So much so in fact, that this form of intermittent fasting is now widely regarded as one of the most effective for weight loss.

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